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Silver Bridge

Book Cover for The Silver Bridge Disaster of 1967                  Silver Bridge after collapse (Ohio side of river)      Fractured eyebar from Silver Bridge

List of those lost in the collapse of the Silver Bridge (pdf)

The Open University has three video courses on the construction and collapse of the Silver Bridge.
Part 1  The Silver Bridge Disaster: Eyebars in suspension  5 minutes
Part 2  The Silver Bridge Disaster: Stresses and strains  10 minutes
Part 3  The Silver Bridge Disaster: The collapse  10 minutes

Link to video footage of aftermath of Silver Bridge Collapse WV Archives and History

Link to Additional photos of the Silver Bridge collapse at WV Archives and History


Information Links

NTSB Report on Silver Bridge Collapse

National Bureau of Standards Technical News Bulletin
Vol. 55, No. 8, pp.196-197. August 1971.
 Point Pleasant Bridge Collapse

The Collapse of the Silver Bridge:
NBS Determines Cause
(NIST Museum)

The Collapse That Led To The National Bridge Inspection Standards

Mechanical failure : definition of the problem (April 1, 1976)

Fracture mechanics for bridge design (1977)